Thurl Merosska

Commander of the Feathergale Knights


The commander of the Feathergale Knights is a well-built male human in his early fifties. Embossed feather patterns ornament the plates of his armor, and his kingly cloak boasts a feathered mantle.

He appears as a noble, duty-bound knight of the realm with interests in hunting and hawking, as well as taming and riding aerial mounts. However, his true motives were revealed to be much more sinister.

A letter in his office revealed that he considered the monks of Sacred Stone Monastery as enemies and that he was in service to an avariel queen named Aerisi Kalinoth.

After loosing foothold in the Feathergale Spire, he retreated to the Temple of Howling Hatred where he faced the party at the side of the Prophet Aerisi, and was killed in the great battle in the pyramid there.


Thurl Merosska

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