The archlich residing in Sacred Stone Monastery.


Mortally wounded during the second Troll War, Renwick was a human mage who was fed a potion of lichdom by his brother, the paladin Samular Caradoon as he lay dying.

Renwick maintains no ties to the knightly order his brother founded, and is more concerned with studying the theory and nature of magic as a hermit in Sacred Stone Monastery. He pays no heed to the monks and cultists who worship the Elemental Earth there and shut them out after warning them not to disturb him. After a couple of fatalities, they found it wiser to heed the wishes of the archlich.

He stopped feeding souls to his phylactery some time ago, and his only concern regarding the outside world is recovering the remains of his brother that are enshrined and revered by the Knights of Samular.

After some careful diplomacy, the party recovered the coffin containing Samular Caradoon’s remains and allowed Renwick to entomb it within the crypt of Sacred Stone Monastery, accessible through his personal study. As thanks, Renwick offered a few of his magical experiments and spellcasting services in the future.



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