A celestial traveling the planes, former and current companion to Farkas.


Second oldest of four siblings, Astraea was called to service like the rest of her family. Though the rest did quite well with their duties, Astraea after a time started doubting the unquestioning obedience. She still believed in the good she was meant to work for, but she saw little room for growth and learning in the order she was meant to maintain. When her siblings didn’t understand her reasoning, she chose exile and started wandering the multiverse.

In her true form, she has silvery hair and wings, her eyes radiant orbs of light and her skin remebling mithral in color, also near impervious to mundane attacks and weapons. Thanks to her shapeshifting ability she can blend into most humanoid societies, her currently favored form being that of a blue eyed, white haired, pale skinned human woman with her own features. She still retains the restorative and healing powers of a celestial, to the extent where she can raise the recently killed, however she hinted that invoking such power draws attention from those she left behind on the upper planes.

Equipment: Longsword, Longbow (with quiver of arrows), Priest’s pack, Traveler’s clothes, Fine clothes, Aerisi Kalinoth’s dress


Personality: Astraea’s mannerisms and perception of time are alien to most people and she sometimes slips back into her commanding personality.

Ideal: Independence and learning. Astraea believes that following orders blindly is embracing a kind of tyranny. She is alway open to learning from kindly folk she meets on her journey and is ready to help teach those who ask her to, though she does so by guiding people to finding their own solutions rather than forcing her own views on them.

Flaw: Astraea considers followers of certain gods deluded innocents at best or uneducated fools at worst.


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