A demonic great wyrm of a dragon, revived at the dawn of the Fifth Age.


The ancient wyrm Ashardalon once suffered a mortal wound that tore its heart out. However, the great dragon through its magical powers and sheer willpower survived long enough to bind a demon and graft it into its chest, the abyssal creature serving as a replacement heart. The union with the demonic entity mutated Ashardalon into a unique being that is neither dragon nor demon, but something more. Even so, the injury would never heal so the great wyrm exists in constant pain, and is dependent on a permanent source of magical healing to maintain his life.

Once slain by a band of heroes, Ashardalon was brought back into the world of living as a side effect of Farkas’ interference in the spellsurge that brought about the Fifth Age. Without a doubt, the vengeful dragon is plotting revenge against its former enemies, though its priority will always be ensuring its own survival. Ashardalon despises the notion of undeath and refuses to consider lichdom as an alternative, seeking to prolong its life through whatever means it can obtain.



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