A djinni, formerly bound to the service of Tyar-Besil's upkeep.


The party met Ahtayir in a torn vest and ragged pantaloons, laboring in the palace quarter of Tyar-Besil. According to him, King Torhild of the Besilmer dwarves possessed a horn that could summon him once every one hundred and one years. By the power of the horn, he was obligated to complete a single service of task, and King Torhild tasked him with keeping Tyar-Besil in a good state.
When Aerisi Kalinoth took over the palace as her Temple of Elemental Air, she refused to task him with a new service, keeping Ahtayir bound until she would have found a better use for him.

The party destroyed the horn that had bound the djinni, allowing him to return to his home on the Elemental Plane of Air, and preventing his summoning by the same means ever again.

A few days later, Ahtayir appeared before the group again, grateful for having received his freedom. He offered a choice of reward to the party, leaving them with his thanks and a magic item.



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